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Extreme sports in Australia

Extreme sports in AustraliaExtreme sports in AustraliaExtreme sports in AustraliaExtreme sports in AustraliaExtreme sports in Australia

If you’re heading down under you just can’t get away from extreme sports. Both Australia and New Zealand are packed with adventure and high octane action. Here we take a look at what’s on offer in Oz.

Mountain biking

Whilst many of the locals enjoy heading out on their road bikes to explore some of the stunning scenery found all over the country, to really get into the extreme action it’s all about the mountain biking.

New South Wales and particularly Thredbo is the capital of mountain biking in Australia. You can hire women’s and men’s mountain bikes everywhere, and with good reason too. In this area of NSW you’ll find a range of trails from easy riding to hard, gnarly terrain for those who really love the downhill action. It’s also the host of some regular championship racing events. If you’ve really got the minerals head to the legendary Cannonball Run, which involves taking your bike to the top of the mountain via a chairlift and fly back as fast as you can.

Diving with sharks

The Eyre Peninsula is the home of the great white shark and whilst you may think getting into the water with these famous beasts is a little too much, there’s always the chance to change your mind. Here you’ll find the chance to enter the water with a cage diving expedition. Spend four days and three nights on board the boat of film-maker Rodney Fox, survivor of a great white attack in 1963, and get up close with the stunning animal. It doesn’t get more extreme!

Windsurfing and kite-boarding

Heading around five hours north of Perth, you’ll find yourself in Geraldton – the windsurfing and kite-boarding capital of Oz. Experienced surfers and boarders head here in the summer months, when prevailing southerly sea breezes ensures the peak of conditions.

Bungee jumping

New Zealand might be the world’s capital for bungee jumping, but it’s not too bad this side of the Tasman either. The 50-metre-high Cairns Bungy Tower, 15km north of Cairns is the top site in the country. Here you’ll find stunning views out to the Great Barrier Reef from your vantage point, surrounded by rain forest.

Hang gliding

Sydney is famous for so many things. From its iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge, to its lush parks and vibrant nightlife. But perhaps best of all is the thrill from hang gliding off the beachside cliffs of Bald Hill at Stanwell Park. Don’t worry it’s not just a case of jumping. You’ll receive a full instruction course and the option of tandem sightseeing flights.



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  1. Tess 12/04/2013 at 3:14 AM #

    If you get the chance when you’re over in Australia, check out the canyoning and caving. You could get some amazing photos while you’re on an adventure, and you’d be exploring beautiful places.

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