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Where to travel in Egypt

Where to travel in EgyptWhere to travel in EgyptWhere to travel in EgyptWhere to travel in Egypt

In the recent months, the status of Egypt as a holiday destination suffered a lot due to the riots in the country.

Nevertheless, Egypt is still a safe place to visit if you avoid the places where the locals meet to protest. And it is important that you visit the country during these times of change, as the country needs financial support to help build a better future.

Which places are safe to visit?


Cairo has been in the news mostly as the center of the unrest. It’s best to avoid the area around Tahrir Square in the center of the city, but it is safe to visit the sights such as the pyramids around the city. Staying in hotels is also safe.


It is safe to visit the sights in and around Luxor. Luxor is the main hub from where all the Nile cruises start, and is also home to some of the biggest temples in the country. From Luxor, you can also visit the Valley of the Kings and the Queens.  If you book a Nile cruise, you might want to book a week on a cruise followed by a week at the Red Sea to relax.


The Sinai Peninsula is known for its beautiful crystal clear waters and its golden beaches. You can book cheap holidays to Sharm el Sheikh and relax on a beautiful beach, or wander around the bazaars.  Sinai, and particularly Sharm el Sheikh, are popular destinations from where you can explore the beauty of the Red Sea.

Red Sea Coast

There are a number of other popular beach destinations on the Red Sea coast. Hurghada is one of the main resorts, and a great destination for anyone who wants to go diving or snorkeling, or on a safari in the desert.

Egypt has been through some turbulent times recently, but it still has a great deal to offer as a travel destination. Whether you’re a backpacking student or a family with kids, there are many reasons to visit this fascinating country. 

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