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My Kölsch experience in Cologne

My Kölsch experience in CologneMy Kölsch experience in Cologne

If you have been to Western Germany you might have heard of Kölsch. It’s a local beer specialty brewed in the city of Cologne. It’s a very clear beer and is known for its hoppiness.

Kölsch is Cologne and Cologne is Kölsch

That’s what they often drink in Cologne and since I visited I thought I could try to be as local as possible. After visiting the main attraction of Cologne the Cathedral (Kölner Dom), which is a World Heritage Site and very beautiful and definitely worth a visit, we visited the famous “Früh” brewery. It’s right behind the Cathedral.

So here we were, a group of about 20 guys and very, very thirsty. We ordered our first 3 Kranz (wreath) of beer when we arrived and they were gone after 3 minutes. Automatically the waiter brought 3 more. I was confused but thought that it was pretty good hospitality but was wondering why the waiter wasn’t asking. 5 minutes later another wreath came, and 10 minutes later another one… That’s when I asked him why he is bringing new ones all the time and if we had to pay for them even though we didn’t ask for them.

The waiter then explained that when you finish your Kölsch and don’t put your coaster on top of your glass they will refill it automatically.

Good to know, but didn’t put the coaster on top of our glasses for another two or three hours.

The bill was a big surprise to all but after hours of drinking we actually didn’t care that much! We were all very content!

After a fun night out with a lot of beer we all went back to our apartments in cologne.

Have you ever tried Kölsch? Did you like it?

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  1. Sarah Volpe 07/11/2012 at 12:37 PM #

    Did you try some of the smaller places in Cologne for Kolsch? My favourite is MultzMuller (probably spelt it wrong).

    I love Cologne, it is one of my favourite places in Germany!

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