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Things to do in Tokyo

Things to do in TokyoThings to do in Tokyo

The most expensive city of the world offers various things to do. Here is a little extract of low budget things to do in Tokyo:

1. Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market by JoshBerglund19

It is said to be the world’s largest and busiest fish market and many tourists come here in the early morning (5 A.M.) to catch the live tuna auctions. Check their website before you go and make sure that public access is permitted that day. If it is, go early as it is first-come, first-serve basis. Register opens at 4:30 A.M.

2. Sumo Contest

If you are in Tokyo in January, May or September make sure to visit Tokyo’s National Sumo Hall where the Ryogoku Kokugikan will take place. This Sumo tournament is a must see when in the city during these months. There are many different rounds and before each found the rikishi parade into the arena wearing traditional aprons over their loincloths.

3. Visit a Shrine

The Meiji Shrine might be one of the most famous but there are many in Tokyo. The 40-foot-high torii gate at the entrance to the big park is made of 1.500 years old cypress.

On weekend you might see japanese wedding processions which are very interesting to watch.

4. Shinjuku National Garden

Shinjuku National Garden by MarkDoliner

This is said to be the most beautiful park of Tokio. It has many gardens including: French Formal, Japanese Traditional, English Landscape and others.

Remember that cherry blossom season is in late March and April. Bring a pick nick while you wander around the park and relax at the many spots while enjoying the surroundings.

5. Shibuya Station

The picture of thousands of people crossing one intersection is famous for Tokyo. Go and visit the famous intersection outside of Shibuya Station. This area is packed with students, couples, business people and shoppers. There is a starbucks. From there you can watch the chaos.

After a crazy time in this huge city it’s time to relax. And what better way to relax than in good Tokyo apartments where you can feel like at home?


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