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Cities Worth Checking Out In The Netherlands

Cities Worth Checking Out In The NetherlandsCities Worth Checking Out In The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for tulips, cheese, hash and much more. But which cities are actually worth a journey? Hostelbookers asked us to set up a short guide for your future trip to the Netherlands.


Let’s start with the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam; it’s one of the most famous cities in Europe and in the world. Amsterdam attracts tourists from all over the world to explore its canals (Grachten), it’s prostitutes, coffee shops but also it’s old buildings, museums and old history.


Rotterdam is known to foreign business people as the gateway to Europe, its huge harbor handles most of the incoming freight from overseas at its nearly 13.000 acres big ground.  But the city has a bit more to offer than only the biggest port of Europe. Compared to the rest of the Netherlands, the city center is very modern. No small streets, only big buildings and everything made out of concrete. The reason: Rotterdam was fully destroyed during the second world war. The surrounding of Rotterdam though weren’t affected and therefore it invited for beautiful walks at the rivers or a bike tour to the famous windmills of Kinderdijk.

The Hague

The home of the Queen and to 500.000 others is the third largest city of the Netherlands. It’s history seems to be endless and has many beautiful sights like the many palaces and forts and beautiful little streets with art everywhere. The center is full with small and big parks that invite to go for a stroll in the green in the middle of a bustling city. And on top of that it’s close to the beach which invites to go for a bike tour along the coast.


The largest city in the north of the Netherlands that seems to be occupied by students is known for a rich music culture and good night life. The reason is that a third of its population are students who enjoy a good night out.

What is your favorite city in the Netherlands?

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