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Things to do in Rome

Things to do in RomeThings to do in RomeThings to do in RomeThings to do in Rome

Rome, the capital of Italy, known for Pizza, wine and amore. Known for the colloseum, the Vatican state and the Spanish stairs. But what else should one do in this amazing city? Where to stay in Rome, what to see, what to eat, don’t know where to start check out our five must do’s in Rome below.

Find out 5 things to do in Rome:

1. Go for a stroll at the gardens of villa borghese

Its Rome’s most central public park and popular for jogger and dog-walkers. Locals come and enjoy their afternoon break in the park to relax in the sun. Even children will be entertained while feeding the ducks and turtles or riding the ponies in the park.

2. Enjoy delicious ice scream

Rome might also be the capital of ice cream. Around every corner you’ll find the next great gelato experience. The best ice cream experience is at San Crispino. Since cones interfere with the flavor, only tubs are allowed.

3. Try Pizza

The best pizza is said to be in Napoli however, the Pizza in Rome is also delizioso. Some of the best pizzas you’ll find in Monteverde. Try La Gatta Mangiona which is said to have some of the best roman pizzas of Rome.

4. Visit the piazzas

Rome has so many squares that you quickly loose the overview. One of the most beautiful squares of Rome is definitely Piazza del Popolo with its church from the 19th century, the Santa Maria del Popolo.

5. Discuss literature with Italians

A new trend in Rome is to meet at a local book bar and discuss literature, have fun and drink with friends and strangers. Caffee Letterario has been the first and most popular place where these night are taking place on a regular basis. Join artists and authors over a glass of wine and discuss interesting literature.


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