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Berlin mini-guide

In the last century Berlin has been through more changes and problems than many cities could even imagine. If you like your travel with an abundance of history mixed with experimental character then this is the place to head to on your next break. Within easy shooting distance of the UK, the German capital is a great experience for many reasons.

What to see

  • Pergamon Museum – An ancient history museum with an international reputation. An unmissable part of your trip to Berlin, its amazing collection contains artifacts like the Ishtar Gate from Babylon and the Altar of Zeus.
  • Berlin Philharmonic – Unique can often be overused when talking about travel but this building has history, character and some of the best classical music in the country. Worth a visit for the building alone, it comes to life with magical music in an evening.
  • Sachsenhausen Museum – Visiting a concentration camp is, of course, a difficult activity. But, if you and your party have an interest in understanding more about the atrocities then this is the memorial to get a rundown of the banality of murder.
  • Berlin Wall – Another acknowledgement of the past is the Berlin Wall. Just over a mile remains of the structure to celebrate and remember a victory of freedom over oppression. An open-air gallery at the east side is often the most frequented stretch.

Where to eat

  • 103 – The critics’ choice on Time Out is this airy and bright L-shaped bar. A mix of food that comes from Italian and Asian heritage makes it stand out from the crowd, not to mention the fact that it’s an ideal summer spot to watch the world go by with an ale.
  • Reinstoff – If fine dining is your game then this is where to go. An inventive menu makes a mockery of the fact there’s only one Michelin star and that’s before you are wooed by perfect presentation and technique in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.
  • Burgermeister – Back within budget, this burger joint has some of the best and juiciest patties around. The century old building might have been a toilet in a former life but now the burgers mixed with the home-made dips and fries makes it a seriously popular haunt.


Most of the culture comes from the history and tours of the city, but the art of the city is something that really sets it apart. Optimism and energy are two big things you get from the city and this runs from the graffiti art on the Berlin Wall to the historical local scenes at Berlinische Galerie to one of the city’s oldest cultural institutions the Alademie Der Kunste which has been around since 1696.

Getting there

As was mentioned further up, it’s a short hop from the UK and with flights as low as £35 from London then there isn’t much stopping you. To make a weekend or longer break of it though you need to find money for good eats and taking in the history. Consider starting a saving fund or you can sell your blackberry bold 9700 or your entertainment collection to raise that extra cash.

Photos by: Marco Hamersma,  Schnittke,  Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints

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