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Apartment Rentals Vs Hotel Rooms

Apartment Rentals Vs Hotel RoomsApartment Rentals Vs Hotel RoomsApartment Rentals Vs Hotel Rooms

Where you stay when you’re travelling anywhere will have an impact on your vacation. That’s why it’s beneficial to consider your options. The two most common types of accommodation are either apartment rentals, or renting a hotel room.

Both have their own merits, but have some disadvantages too.

Apartments are handy for giving you total flexibility, whereas hotels are handy for instant service at your fingertips.

That’s only touching on the subject.

There’s a host of other things to consider for your accommodation requirements.

Let’s explore those in the following pros and cons of the two most popular accommodation choices.

Apartment Rentals Vs Hotel Rooms and Deciding What’s Best for You

  • Hotel Space Vs Apartment Space

When you book a hotel, you will have somewhere to sleep. Maybe a chair and table, tea/coffee making facilities, but rarely a microwave for the odd hot snack.

It’s a resting place to lay your head at night, and most of the time…it’s not a room you’d prefer to spend a lot of time in. Your options are limited as to what you can do in that space.

Not only that, but most of the time, you’re putting things back in their place, and keeping the room as pristine as possible, because you know housekeeping will be in in the morning.

That can make you anxious about being judged on your housekeeping. Not exactly the break you’d be looking forward too.

In an apartment, your space is yours. You can come and go as you please. You will have your own cooking facilities too.

That’s handy for eating the foods that you need in your diet, and it can lose the restriction of having to eat what’s on the menu.

Vegetarian dishes or gluten free diets. Not an issue, as you can cook to your own dietary requirements, with no special requests needed.

Some apartments have a fully serviced option too, whereas others may not. In a fully serviced apartment rental, you’d have housekeeping and maintenance available at your convenience.

Some will offer the option of whether you’d like to be on the premises or out, when the apartment maintenance is being carried out. That can be completely up to you. You could even leave it if you don’t want that service.

One thing’s for sure and that’s that you don’t have to roll out of bed at sunrise, to let housekeeping do the cleaning. You get to laze around ‘til your heart’s content.

The way a vacation should be. Only-Apartments offers great apartments all over the world to make your holidays just perfect!

  • Hotel Security Vs Apartment Security

When you’re travelling, you’re going to have some valuables. Whether that’s your credit card, or a sentimental piece of family jewellery, you will want peace of mind that your property is safe.

Not every hotel room is going to have a safe. In fact, most of them won’t. What they often offer is a safe at the reception. That can come at a premium, although you can find that is inclusive with some room rates.

With apartment rentals, things are completely different. You’ve a fully furnished apartment, and the choice of who comes and goes when you’re there.

You can have added peace of mind that any valuables you have, are secured in the apartment. Letting you enjoy your vacation with added peace of mind.

Only apartments can let you travel lighter with the onsite laundry facilities

This is one of the core benefits to apartment rental over renting a hotel room. There’s no hotel going to do your laundry for you. They’ll wash your linen daily, giving you fresh bed linen, and towels, but they aren’t going to wash your clothes for you.

They’ll offer an iron but not the washing facilities.

With apartment rentals, they come with a washing machine. That’s handy for turning up with clothes you can wash and reuse. No need to carry a bunch of clothes to be worn once, then stored in a suitcase for washing when you get back home.

That leaves you with less laundry to do when you get back too.

You can have your laundry done as and when you need fresh clothes, without worrying about what you’re going to wear, as your vacation draws to an end.

How frustrating is it, when your luggage is filled with dirty washing? Leaving you fresh out of clean clothes, with a couple of days left before returning home.

The clothes issue is addressed with apartment rentals. You can travel lighter and still not run out of clean clothes to wear.

Only apartment rentals can let you –

  • Enjoy total relaxation
  • Peace of mind that your belongings are secure
  • Washing facilities
  • Freedom to travel on your terms
  • Housekeeping options
  • Your own kitchen to cater to any specific dietary requirements

With all the benefits to apartment rentals, you’d expect it to cost a fortune. In actual fact, the rates for renting an apartment can work out cheaper than the rates of a hotel room.

Benefit orientated and packed with value are what you can access through apartment rentals.

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