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Honeymoons in Mexico: Top Itinerary Fillers

Honeymoons in Mexico: Top Itinerary Fillers

Your wedding day is arguably the biggest day of your life and, while sharing the moments with your nearest and dearest will provide you and your other half memories to treasure forever, it doesn’t have to end at last orders. Finishing off the celebrations with a luxury honeymoon is a fantastic way of welcoming your new life together and Mexico holidays are some of the most romantic, exotic options around.

In a time when money is tight, it’s not always possible to justify an exuberant honeymoon as well as a lavish wedding, but, nowadays, there’s help available. Rather than subscribing to a gift list for your wedding, suggest monetary gifts from your guests instead – they’ll be happy to be able to contribute to your honeymoon and play a part in this unforgettable experience.

Nestled on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, Mexico flawlessly fuses a tropical paradise with heaps of culture and ancient history, making it an ideal base for your honeymoon. Book some luxury accommodation in one of its popular shoreline resorts and start planning your itinerary so that you can appreciate the best of both worlds. Of course, days lazing by the pool catching the sun’s rays are a given, but visiting Mexico and not taking advantage of everything it holds would be a real shame.

Cancun is a popular resort for many honeymooners and, while there is an abundance of elegant resorts, it’s not just about the hotels here. Many people dream of swimming with dolphins and, in Cancun, it can become a reality. Share the waters with these intelligent creatures for a truly heart-warming experience.

Try and make some time to see the sights in and around the Yucatan Peninsula. Much of what Mexico is famous for can be found here, including many ancient ruins such as Chichen Itza. Did you know that the world’s largest pyramid isn’t in Egypt? It’s in Cholula, Mexico and well worth seeing.

Let the romance of Mexico sweep you off your feet and savour every second of this blissful country. A honeymoon is like the icing on the wedding cake – make the most of it.

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